Rounding Out the Tunes with Memorex MMP8551 MP3 Player

Rounding Out the Tunes with Memorex MMP8551 MP3 Player


The Memorex MMP8551 MP3 player is an exercise in simplicity. There are no fancy features to speak of, no groundbreaking technology that’ll set this round player apart from the competition. If you’re looking for a display, you won’t find one. Based on the picture, it doesn’t look like you’ll find any real track control either, because the only visible button is the play button in the center. I hope there’s volume control in some way.

Yes, the Memorex MMP8551 is remarkably compact and it’ll have no problem hiding away in your shirt pocket. It’s also quite paltry in its storage capacity, coming in with a mere 512MB of internal memory. For some people, this might be enough, but I’d imagine most folks would want a little more tune-filled space. But hey, it’s pink!

It’s got a diameter of 2.3-inches and supports MP3 and WMA audio file formats. No word on price, but Memorex has got to make this thing cheap if they want it to sell. That, or shove some Swarovski crystals on there and market it as a luxury item.