Pay at the Pump, Get Free Google Maps

Pay at the Pump, Get Free Google Maps


I’ve got myself a pretty fuel efficient car and seeing how I work from home, I don’t drive all that much either. As such, the rising gas prices have little effect on my lifestyle. Obviously, I’m in the minority, because everyone else is tired of paying an arm and a leg just for some gas at the pump.

Well, as you continue to open up your wallet to the oil companies, they’re adding a little more value at the pump. In addition to the liquid gold, you may soon get treated to free Google Maps right at the pump. Some stations will be outfitted with mini computers that will give free directions via Google Maps to local landmarks. You’ll be able to use this interface to find restaurants, hotels, and the like… but these are all pre-selected by the gas station’s owner.

The special pumps being produced by Gilbarco Veeder-Root will be hooked up to the Internet, and the maps will be shown on embedded color screens. The best part is that there will be no ads pasted all over the maps. Instead, you’ll get linked to “in-store offers” that will encourage you to grab a few things from the station’s convenience store.