BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Curve Get OtterBox’d

BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Curve Get OtterBox’d


When you need to protect your cell phone or other portable electronic device, you can’t really go wrong with choosing a case from the team at Otter Products. Otter is back at it again with a couple of new OtterBox protective cases designed for the BlackBerry Pearl and the BlackBerry Curve.

The OtterBox 1934 is for the Pearl and the OtterBox 1935 is for the Curve. Both protective cases take on much the same features and build quality, meaning that you still have full access to the trackball and camera. A snug fit for either RIM handset, the OtterBox 1934 and OtterBox 1935 are rugged in nature and boast three protective layers.

The first layer is a protective clear membrane for the screen and keyboard; layer 2 is a high-impact polycarbonate shell; and the third layer wraps a silicone skin over the whole shi-bang to absorb bumps and shocks. The acoustic vents are there to cover and protect the mic, headset, and speakerphone openings.

Both OtterBox cases are available now for $49.95 each.