Video: Hands-On With Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 Portable Scanner

Video: Hands-On With Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 Portable Scanner


I remember when scanners had to be big clunky things, but just like everything else in the electronic world, manufacturers have managed to shrink things down to much more compact proportions. The Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 is being marketed as the world’s smallest compact scanner, shoving all the features and convenience of its larger cousins into a package that will fit in your briefcase.

Playing around with the Fujitsu scanner this past little while, I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the usability and build quality. It’s definitely very solid and walking my way through the installation process was an absolute breeze. Once set up, all I have to do is flip open the lid, line up my sheet of paper, and hit the scan button.

Check out the video below for more impressions. On a side note, I later found out that the second USB cable is for providing mobile power to the scanner in case you don’t want to use the AC adapter.