Use Your Own Music in iPod Guitar Hero Game

Use Your Own Music in iPod Guitar Hero Game


Without a doubt, the hottest video game release this past little while has been Guitar Hero III. I hit up nearly all the local retailers this weekend and they were all sold out of the highly anticipated and revered rhythm game. I guess the next best thing would be to purchase Phase, an iPod rhythm game created Harmonix, the same people behind both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises.

Available for the new iPod nano and iPod Classic (as well as the 5G iPod), Phase is essentially a simplified version of Guitar Hero, except it’s been built for your portable music player. What makes it a little more fun, however, is that you can import your own music into Phase, jamming out to everything from Sade to Enigma, Frank Sinatra to Korn.

As wit all rhythm games, the goal is to press the right buttons in rhythm with the music. Because you are using your own music, Phase might not quite be perfect in picking up the melody, but it should get the tempo right. Buy it now for five bucks.