First Real Google gPhone is HTC Omni Communicator?

First Real Google gPhone is HTC Omni Communicator?


That’s the current rumor floating about in the tech-oriented blogosphere. The official Google Phone operating system was announced yesterday and then we heard something about a Dream reference design for the Google Phone. That Dream could be the HTC Omni Communicator.

Boasting a full QWERTY keyboard and what appears to be a touch-sensitive front panel, the HTC Omni Communicator seems to fit the Google gPhone spec particularly well, especially considering that HTC has “actually seen and commented on the internal Google prototype, even going as far as to consider developing a real version of the reference design.”

Exact features and specifications are hard to find at this point, but if this is the first real Google Phone, I’m pretty stoked. The Omni Communicator is definitely more attractive than most of HTC’s more business-oriented handhelds.