Brits Send One Billion SMS Messages Each Week

Brits Send One Billion SMS Messages Each Week


That’s a lot of LOLs and OMGs. It turns out that British people are sending more text messages than ever and the trend is still on the rise. The one billion SMS messages that British people send every week (on average) represents a 25% increase over the same period just last year. To make things even scarier, it took the people of England the entire year of 1999 to send one billion messages. Now they do it in just a week.

The BBC has offered all sorts of reasons why people have suddenly become so addicted to text messaging. For example, they cite factors like convenience, ease of use, and ubiquity, but by far the biggest factor has got to be price. It works out to be cheaper for most users to send a text message than to say the same thing over a voice call, thanks to the “incredibly high voice tariffs that most European wireless customers are forced to pay.”

Have you been using SMS message in lieu of actual conversations? With the growing proliferation of text messages, instant messengers, and other similar services, will we soon be doing all of our communication through digital text?