Google Phone Hardware Could Be a Dream Come True

Google Phone Hardware Could Be a Dream Come True


We learned earlier today of the Google Open Handset Platform that will be altered and implemented by a variey of phone makers. The Google operating system will underpin a variety of devices created by guys like HTC and Motorola, but what about actual hardware? Well, there’s still word floating about that Google is interested in making more than cell phone software and a “Dream” cell phone could still be on the way.

Codenamed “Dream”, the internal mobile phone design from Google has yet to be leaked into the public, but there are several details that have emerged from recent reports. Based on this insider information, the real Google Phone “Dream” has an overall form factor that is not unlike the Apple iPhone. It’s going to be 5-inches long, 3-inches wide, and feature some sort of touch-sensitive control. There’s also mention of a hidden QWERTY keyboard as well as some sort of swiveling mechanism.

Naturally, the software inside is mostly Google too, complete with YouTube, email, text editing, and a virtual machine for web browsing in landscape mode. The physical design of this “real” Google Phone is reportedly still be developed by HTC and it could be ready around the same time as the other Google Phones: the second half of 2008.