Canadian Chrysler Prices Take a Plunge

Canadian Chrysler Prices Take a Plunge


Canadians have been complaining to retailers for weeks now. Despite the fact that the loonie is worth more than the greenback, prices north of the 49th parallel are still consistently higher than those in the United States. This affects everything from books to sweaters, electronics to automobiles. Porsche was the first automaker to respond to the rising Canadian dollar, cutting the Canadian MSRP on all of its cars, and now Chrysler is finally following suit with price slashes across the board.

Before the price cut took effect, Canadians could take a drive south of the border and effectively save $10,000 or more on premium vehicles. Even low to mid-range cars are priced a lot cheaper in the States than in Canada. Chrysler has instituted a number of incentives, cash rebates, and slashed finance rates that will encourage Canucks to buy cars in their own country.

Incentives have been increased as much as $5,250 and finance rates have been slashed so that “consumers would save the same amount of money over the financing period.” For example, the cash rebate on the 2007 Chrysler 300C has been increased by $4,250, bringing the total rebate to $9,250. Will Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, and the rest of the crew follow suit?