Apple Internal Training Points Towards Canada iPhone Launch

Apple Internal Training Points Towards Canada iPhone Launch


Quit tugging our chain. When the iPhone was originally launched in the United States months ago, Canadians started to wonder when they’d get treated to some Cupertino-fueled goodness. Rumors and hearsay started to flutter about on the Internet, leading us to believe that the iPhone would hit Rogers Wireless before year’s end. There has been neither a confirmation nor a denial from either Rogers or Apple thus far, but this latest leak is again pointing toward the positive.

What you see here is a screenshot from the Apple Canada internal training and seminars site and as you can quite plainly see, there is an iPhone workshop scheduled for November 10th. This could mean one of two things. First, the iPhone could indeed be coming to Canada (probably via Rogers) and they want the Canadian reps to be prepared to answer any of your questions.

The other possibility is that Apple has recognized the proliferation of unlocked iPhones in Canada and thus wants their reps in the Great White North to be reasonably knowledgeable. Whatever the case, it seems that Apple either wants or knows that Canadians want to own (and are owning) the iPhone.