T-Mobile Slides Into a Hotspot with Samsung Katalyst

T-Mobile Slides Into a Hotspot with Samsung Katalyst


We already know that Samsung enjoys nothing more than releasing yet another skinny slider phone, so who is T-Mobile to deny them that pleasure? Better still, the new Samsung Katalyst for T-Mo comes equipped with a Wi-Fi radio, meaning that it is perfectly capable of enjoying that semi-VoIP action via T-Mobile’s [email protected] service.

Scheduled to hit store kiosks some time next month, the Samsung Katalyst is in fact the first slider phone to latch onto the [email protected] service. Other than its ability to leap between WiFi- and cellular-based voice calls, the Katalyst doesn’t do much else. It’s got the basics like a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, music player, and myFaves, but not much else.

Now we just have to wait for pricing information, but if you’ve been anxious to do the [email protected] thing, the T-Mobile Samsung Katalyst sounds like a decent option to consider.