Pay at the Pump for Gas With Your Finger

Pay at the Pump for Gas With Your Finger


Are we getting lazy or are we getting more paranoid? The tapping action of Mastercard PayPass is nothing new, but now it seems that Shell is launching a biometric payment system at their gas stations. A pilot project is taking place in Chicago where the gas company has outfitted ten test locations with fingerprint readers.

You’ll need to hit up a kiosk to get the registration process done — which involves getting your digit scanned as well as providing information for some sort of payment method — but after that, all it takes is a swipe of your finger to pay for the petrol. I’d hate to hear about some poor sap getting his finger cut off (like in a bad horror flick), just so the thief can score some gasoline.

The system is actually quite interesting, because even if you forgot your wallet at home, there’s no way that you can arrive at the gas station without your finger.