International Roaming on an iPhone Just Got Slightly Cheaper

International Roaming on an iPhone Just Got Slightly Cheaper


If you’re rocking an Apple iPhone from AT&T, you may have noticed that the roaming charges on its cell phone plan can be pretty horrendous. AT&T wants to make things a little more affordable for any globetrotters in the audience, but let’s face it, this new International Data Roaming Plan for iPhones is still pretty freaking expensive.

People who have been brave enough to use their iPhones as they normally would while overseas have been rewarded with four-figure monthly bills. Not good. Well, AT&T’s new plan gives you the option to get an additional 20MB of international data for $24.99 a month. Every kilobyte beyond that costs half a cent. If you’re a heavier user than that — and you probably are — you can cough up $59.99 a month to get 50MB of international data. Still not cheap, but it’s better than spending thousands to check your email.

The rates apply to a select group of 29 countries and Canada made the list. If you go roaming outside of these chosen 29, however, it’ll cost you $0.0195 per kilobyte.

On a slightly related though not exactly related note, the AT&T page makes mention of “iTunes Radio” and how 20 minutes of that is about 20MB. Did they just spill the beans on something secret?