Futuristic Daihatsu HSC Gets 60 Miles Per Gallon

Futuristic Daihatsu HSC Gets 60 Miles Per Gallon


It doesn’t look like gas prices are getting any cheaper, so there are only two ways that we can combat this. We can either develop vehicles that rely on some other kind of fuel or we can create cars that use the existing gasoline in a much more efficient manner. Daihatsu has decided to take the latter route, showing off the Daihatsu HSC concept vehicle. This compact peoplemover barely sips the black gold, pushing itself along at 60 miles per gallon.

Initial unveiled in Frankfurt and on display at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Daihatsu HSC has a “catamaran-like underbody” and an idling stop function. It’s also got some sort of advanced CVT and the net result is a fuel economy rating that is twice as good as most of the “good” cars on the road today. The interior looks pretty funky too.

From a design standpoint, the Daihatsu HSC lives somewhere between a Yaris, a Mercedes B200, and some funky futuristic vehicle yet to be constructed. It’s quite strange, as you may notice, that this Daihatsu lacks A pillars and B pillars, making us wonder just how sturdy is the frame. Then again, who needs safety when you’ve got 60 MPG.