Fido Kicks Puppy Into 3G With Big Plans

Fido Kicks Puppy Into 3G With Big Plans


We already know that Rogers Wireless is totally rocking the HSDPA goodness, but now its sick puppy has decided to kick into high gear as well. Fido has launched a website dedicated to its 3G services, along with all sorts of pricing plans to suit your high-end multimedia needs.

Hitting up, you’ll see what looks like a Golden Retriever puppy gettin blown away by the only currently available 3G cell phone in the Fido doghouse, the LG TU500 flip phone. Jumping on over to the 3G options page, you’ll discover that going 3G isn’t all that cheap.

The basic surfing option is $10 a month and that gets you a mere 12MB of data. Sign a three-year contract and the price comes down to $5 a month. You may want to opt for the $18 value pack, which offers the same 12MB of web surfing, as well as 2500 text messages, 2500 instant messages, call display, voicemail, name display and Who Called. Video on Demand, Radio on Demand, and MobileTV are $15 a month EACH, or you can bundle Video and Radio together for $25.