Boeing 727 Converted Into Street Legal Limo

Boeing 727 Converted Into Street Legal Limo


When it comes to a creation like this, you can’t help but do a double-take. Like, are they serious? Apparently so, because some eccentric goof has decided to take a Boeing 727 and transform it into a Jet Limo. The kicker is that this gigantic creation is actually street legal.

You see, when you’re rich and you’ve got money to blow on stupid stunts like this, you’re referred to as being eccentric. If you’re poor and just blurt out stupid ideas like this, you’re crazy. That’s just how society is. Funny, huh?

Regarding the Boeing 727 Jet Limo, it’s got enough seating to transport 50 passengers very comfortably and weighs in at a hefty 24,000 pounds. Inside the cabin, you’ll find a big screen TV, a full bar, fog machine, tons of laser and strobe lighting, ceiling mirrors (do I make you randy), and “aerodynamic” seats.

And it’s for sale. Current bid is up to $269,900.