Video: Asus Eee PC Gets Unboxed, Groped, Enjoyed

Video: Asus Eee PC Gets Unboxed, Groped, Enjoyed


The OLPC team may have Hiro Nakamura on their side, but no time or space-bending is going to make that green hand-cranking device cooler and more useful than the Asus Eee PC. In the hands-on video which you can view below, the highly anticipated Asus Eee PC gets unboxed and first impression-ed.

Brad Linder had a chance to take his new ultraportable laptop out for a quick test drive before having to charge up the battery, but among the first things that he noticed is that the Asus Eee PC is “smaller than you think.” Its portability may be a plus, but when the keyboard and trackpad are that small, usability might be a problem. The 800×480 screen is also “a bit small for viewing many, if not most websites.”

Other observations include the fact that 62% of the 4GB memory is taken up by the OS and preloaded applications. He also can’t find a way to access the full Xandros desktop, getting reduced to the “simple Xandros-based user interface.” I don’t care; it still looks cool and I’d love to toy with one.