Microsoft Zune 2 Goes On Sale Ahead of Schedule

Microsoft Zune 2 Goes On Sale Ahead of Schedule


Uh oh. Looks like a Walmart store in St. Louis has pulled a bit of a boo-boo, because they’re already displaying the Zune 2 and they might even be offering them for sale. This is way ahead of the official November 13th launch date.

When a sales associate was approached about the new portable media players, he confirmed “they were ALL for sale”, meaning that you could waltz into this Walmart and get treated to some some Zune Pad action a full two weeks in advance of the release date. A similar display was seen at a Target store, but those were “thin plastic replicas.”

The guy behind itsnotlikethat is heading back to Walmart tonight to see if he can buy a 4GB Zune 2. Let’s hope he succeeds and posts an extensive unboxing and hands-on. Then again, how many people really care about the Zune 2?