Western Digital Shoves 320GB into 2.5-Inch Package

Western Digital Shoves 320GB into 2.5-Inch Package


It used to be that if you bought a laptop computer, there were several sacrifices involved. The screen would be noticeably smaller and less resolute than its desktop counterpart. The processor would be slower and the price would be a lot bigger.

One area where notebooks are starting to catch up is in the size of their hard drives. Case in point are the new Scorpio 320GB hard drives designed for laptops. The 2.5-inch notebook hard drives measure a mere a 9.5mm thick, meaning that they’d have no trouble fitting into even the skinniest of portable computers.

Other key selling points from Western Digital’s Scorpio drives include quiet running, cool operating temperatures, WhisperDrive, ShockGuard, and Intelliseek. They also claim transfer rates as high as 3Gb/s. The 320GB WD Scorpio drive retails for $199.99.