Transform Yourself Into a Human Antenna

Transform Yourself Into a Human Antenna


Crap! So, you find yourself stuck in the basement of your buddy’s house and your cell phone has completely lost reception. What’s the point of having a phone that can never connect to the network! Well, NEC Corporation has developed a wideband antenna that you actually wear, effectively transforming your body into a human antenna for cell phone reception.

The idea is that that wideband wearable antenna uses “a conductive fabric which can be attached to clothing and other items, or folded up for easy carrying.” I’m assuming that it’s a little more discrete than the tinfoil cap you like to wear to keep aliens from probing your brain. The wearable high-performance mobile antenna “can act as a supplementary antenna in areas with poor reception.”

Power for the antenna is provided through a soldered coaxial cable, sending that energy to a small flexible print substrate. Further testing is underway.