Leaked Google Phone Photo: Is This For Real?

Leaked Google Phone Photo: Is This For Real?


We’ve seen a lot of Google Phone concepts in our day, but it’s really hard to determine which — if any — are for real. Here is the latest leaked photo of what may be the first official Google gPhone, but without any sort of confirmation from the search engine giant, we can’t say just how official this product shot really is.

A while back, we heard that HTC would be the firm that would actually manufacture the Google Phone, but what we see here is actually a handset from e28, a Chinese third-tier manufacturer. That’s strike one. Strike two comes from the fact that this phone isn’t terribly attractive or daunting in its design, and we’d imagine that Google would want something pretty for their freshman dance.

And then, we’ve got to wonder if this is the hardware heading to either Sprint-Nextel or Verizon, as reported by the Wall Street Journal earlier today.