Jeremy Clarkson Three-Wheels with the Peel P50

Jeremy Clarkson Three-Wheels with the Peel P50


Normally, when we come across a Top Gear clip featuring Jeremy Clarkson, it involves the British personality going on a test drive with some incredible supercar, tearing it up with the Stig on their favorite test track. Not today. Today’s test drive is something different altogether.

Clarkson decides to take the Peel P50 out for a whirl, discovering that the three-wheeled vehicle was marketed as being cheaper than walking, getting 100 miles on the gallon. Unfortunately, don’t expect it to go very fast, be very safe, or be very roomy. The engine is a mere 49cc unit from a moped.

Don’t look to bring any passengers along for the ride either, because it’s only got room for “one adult and a shopping bag.” The Peel P50 is the world’s smallest ever automobile to go into mass production, weighing just 132 pounds.