Apple iPhone Gets Blinged Out with Real Diamonds

Apple iPhone Gets Blinged Out with Real Diamonds


Some people like to customize their iPhone with a hot new cell phone case. Others enjoy the customization possibilities of third-party software. And then there are folks who just want to grab your attention with something shiny and for those guys, there is the diamond-encrusted iPhone from Amosu.

There really is nothing particularly special about this Apple iPhone. It’s just like the one that you’d be able to pick up at the local AT&T store, except the chrome bezel that wraps around that multi-touch display has been encrusted with 420 shimmery stones set in either 18 karat white or yellow gold. The total carat count is over 5.65.

Get ready to break the bank over all this bling, though, because a diamond iPhone from Amosu will run you over $40,000. Let’s see: hot new sports car or diamond iPhone. Obviously, I’ll opt for the latter.