Transform Any USB Port Into a DVI Port For $119

Transform Any USB Port Into a DVI Port For $119


Some of my geekier friends have two computers: one desktop for primary use and then a laptop for mobile computing. Myself, I rely solely on my laptop for all of my computer needs, so it can be difficult to expand beyond that single screen. Thankfully, there are handy adapters like this one from Sewell that effectively transform any USB port into a place to plug-in your DVI or VGA-cabled LCD display.

The $119 device looks reasonably compact and it will be able to handle any display up to 20-inches with a maximum resolution of 1600×1200 pixels. The USB-driven monitor, Sewell claims, will “have the same quality as standard DVI monitors.” It’s like a USB video card, because the adapter comes with 128MB of its own RAM.

Find it on the Sewell Direct website for $119, before shipping and taxes of course.