Sprint Gets Motorola Q9c on November 23rd

Sprint Gets Motorola Q9c on November 23rd


Looks like November 23rd is going to be a pretty important day, not only for shoppers in general, but for Sprint business users specifically. The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is already slated to launch on that day, but they’ve got another smartphone up their sleeves. The Motorola Q9c Windows Mobile smartphone is destined to hit Sprint’s shelves on November 23rd, offering enterprise customers yet another QWERTY option.

From what we hear, the Motorola Q9c will be based on exactly the same hardware as the multimedia-centric Motorola Q9m, except it will boast a more business-oriented software package. Instead of granting you quick access to music and videos, you’ll have more direct access to corporate email and related apps, for example. It’s also possible that the camera will be software-disabled as is par for enterprise-level phones.

Full retail pricing on the Motorola Q9c from Sprint will likely be $449, but a 2-year agreement can bring that down to about the $199 range.