Sony DSC-T200 Camera Detects Smiles (Video)

Sony DSC-T200 Camera Detects Smiles (Video)


Digital cameras are pretty advanced these days with all sorts of cool technology tossed into the tiniest and thinnest of bodies. While other cameras may rock face recognition, the DSC-T200 digital camera from Sony comes with something called Smile Shutter, which only takes pictures when the subject is smiling. Think of it as a smile detector.

As you can see in the video below, when you activate Smile Shutter mode, the DSC-T200 will automatically take a picture as soon as the subject cracks a smile, regardless of whether they are doing that cheesy peace sign or not. What’s more, you can set it to detect “different degrees of smiles”, so it could be small as a smirk or as large as a full-blown guffaw.

But what about pictures with multiple people? Well, you can use the touchscreen to designate who is the “main subject” and the T200 will focus in on their smile. If you don’t choose, the camera will select someone on your behalf.