Freedom Wireless MVNO With $10/Month Plans

Freedom Wireless MVNO With $10/Month Plans


Freedom Wireless has been an authorized dealer of Verizon Wireless phones for some time now, but now they’re ready to capture a market under their own banner. Freedom Wireless and TMT Capital (its parent company) have announced plans to launch a GSM-based MVNO in the United States and they’ll be offering plans as cheap as $10 per month.

They plan on offering the full suite of services including voice, data, and mobile messaging. Entry-level plans will be decidedly basic, of course, but there will be more premium prepaid plans with more features. They will be selling branded SIM cards. What’s more interesting is that they will also offer dual-mode GSM/Wi-Fi callig capabilities. This leads us to the believe that the new MVNO will be operating on the T-Mobile network.

No word on which phones they will carry or how much they will cost.