$30 Unlimited Data Plan for BlackBerry from Sprint

$30 Unlimited Data Plan for BlackBerry from Sprint


As you get ready for the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 launch on November 23rd, here’s another Sprint-powered BlackBerry tidbit for you to nibble on. It turns out that Sprint is ready to offer you a whole lot of unlimited-ness on your BlackBerry, all for $30 a month. The new BlackBerry Power Vision Plan comes with lots of goodies.

For just thirty bucks each month, you get unlimited BIS email, instant messaging, web browsing, Sprint on Demand Access, text messaging, Sprint TV, and Sprint Navigation. Yes, unlimited. No need to keep track of those kilobytes or messages sent. It’ll still cost you $0.99 to download a track from Sprint Music, however, and tethering comes at a $15 premium. Also remember that this $30 plan will probably need to accompany a voice plan of some sort.

Whatever. This sounds like a pretty excellent deal for the mobile professional, especially one who will soon be rocking the Pearl 2.