2008 Honda Accord Coupe HF-S Concept Is All Decked Out

2008 Honda Accord Coupe HF-S Concept Is All Decked Out


The automotive world is already pretty excited about the launch of the all-new 2008 Honda Accord coupe, but the Japanese carmaker isn’t totally satisfied with the garden variety sports coupe. SEMA in Las Vegas saw the world debut of the Honda Accord HF-S Concept, which “basically represents what you can do with a new 2008 Honda Accord if you really put your mind to it.”

You see, this highly modified car comes equipped with “every option possible in the Honda Factory Performance catalog, and that’s here the “HF” part of its name comes from. The Cadmium Orange Pearl color coat looks simply stunning. Other additions include LED driving lights, a wrap-around front bumper, and a myriad of carbon fiber panels.

Key to the concept is the use of technology to electronically customize throttle response, suspension settings, steering boost, and traction involvement to the driver’s taste. Additionally, the exhaust is a two-stage design. It is engineered to be exceptionally quiet during relaxed cruising, and provide elevated levels of performance in high performance driving situation