Might I Interest You In a Toyota Prius Wagon?

Might I Interest You In a Toyota Prius Wagon?


A hybrid day does not go by without mention of the Toyota Prius, and today is no exception. It turns out that Toyota is ready to expand the Prius model from its current five-door hatchback configuration, bulking it up just a notch for the creation of a Toyota Prius Wagon.

The current plan calls for the wagon to be introduced “a year or two after the next generation Toyota Prius hybrid debuts in 2009”, effectively making it either a 2010 or 2011 model. The wagon is supposed to “attract more commercial customers looking for a green delivery vehicle that may save on fuel costs.” By having a substantially larger cargo area, the Prius wagon could prove to be quite useful (and economical).

Oh, and if you’ve wondering, Toyota has shattered rumors that the third-gen Prius will rock lithium-ion batteries. Instead, they’re sticking with the same nickel metal hydride (NiMH) technology as the current model, though the battery pack will be new.