LG Shine Sprouts a Woody, Becomes a Paradox

LG Shine Sprouts a Woody, Becomes a Paradox


Cell phone makers do a lot of things to grab your attention. Some aim to be as skinny as possible. Others try to throw in digital cameras with an unfathomable number of megapixels. LG has decided to do something a little different, revealing the LG Shine Wood LB2500H. Yes, wood. The majority of the front face has been replaced with a wood grain pattern, supposedly to give you a more natural experience.

That’s not to say that they chopped down some willow trees to produce this special mobile phone. Instead, we hear that the stainless steel cover has simply been “etched” with a wood grain pattern, mimicking the natural look and feel of the forest. I’d imagine that this pattern makes the phone slightly less shiny, producing a rather paradoxical name.

Flipping open the clamshell, you discover that everything else remains largely unchanged. The same can be said about the specs, which include DMB TV, 2MP camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth, and an e-dictionary. Available exclusively in Korea, the LG Shine Wood LB2500H retails for 473,000 KRW ($520).