Ferrari FXX Evoluzione With 860 Horsepower

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione With 860 Horsepower


It’s not quite the 1001 horsepower offered by the Bugatti Veyron, but when you’ve got 860 horses working for you, you’re in quite the elite league. And the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione is pretty freaking elite. They say that this hot supercar is the “further evolution of the FXX program that places client test drivers behind the wheel of developmental test beds.”

What can I say? A garden variety Ferrari is already pretty sweet, but when the engineers got 20 of these cars out on the test track, racking up 35,000 kilometers of data, you know that the final product — after compiling “a series of tweaks to sharpen the car’s capabilities” — is going to be revolutionary. The 860 horsepower is achieved around the 9,500rpm redline.

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