Next-Generation Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit Delayed

Next-Generation Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit Delayed


I personally like the current generation Volkswagen Rabbit. It has a certain perky sportiness about it, providing both utility and fun in a neat little package. If you’ve been itching to get your hands on the next-generation Rabbit — the VW Golf MkVI — you may be itching all the way to 2009, because the design has been delayed by at least six months.

The original plan called for the new Golf MkVI to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but the new plan is to show off the hot hatchback at the Paris Motor Show next fall. Considering that we won’t even see the car until fall 2008, a 2009 launch in Europe is probably more likely. As a result, the North American launch could be punched all the way into next decade.

These delays are largely due to a strategic review ordered by new VW boss Martin Winterkorn, who wanted a closer look at the Golf, Tiguan, and Scirocco. He wanted to “spice up” the design and, well, this takes time.