Mini SUV Prototype Spotted On City Streets

Mini SUV Prototype Spotted On City Streets


I thought that the whole point of the Mini Cooper was that it was, well, mini. Things have started to change, especially now that we see what appears to be a Mini-branded SUV. The main body and chassis seem to have their basis in the Mini Clubman S, an extended version of the Cooper S, but there are several distinct differences.

For example, the exhaust pipe is jutting out the left side of the car, whereas it shoots out the right side on the standard Clubman. The Clubman S has dual exhausts. What this seems to indicate is that they have done some work to the undercarriage, possibly pointing toward the implementation of all-wheel-drive.

You’ll also notice that this Mini sport ute rides considerably higher than its Cooper and Clubman counterparts, and this test mule has a couple extra strips on the roof, “possibly to simulate the inherent added weight of an SUV.” Hop on over to Leftlane for more spy pics.