Live Shots of the Mighty Morphin’ Motorola ROKR E8

Live Shots of the Mighty Morphin’ Motorola ROKR E8


Not very many people get excited about the ROKR musicphone line anymore, but after having a sneak peek at the ROKR E8 and its incredible situation-sensitive keypad, that might change.

What you see here is a blurry hands-on picture of the Motorola ROKR E8 music phone, and while its actual feature set may not be all that exciting, the mighty morphin’ power keypad is enough to grab your attention. You see, instead of having a physical keypad, the entire bottom half of the candybar appears to be touch sensitive, adapting to the situation.

If you’ve got to make a call, it shows a numeric keypad. If you’re jamming to some tunes, it’ll bring up music controls. Seems pretty spiffy, but the color display is definitely on the smaller end of things. The glossy black finish is pretty attractive too, but I’d imagine that it’s one big fingerprint magnet.