Guitar Hero Mobile Actually Rocks Pretty Hard

Guitar Hero Mobile Actually Rocks Pretty Hard


I know, I’m as surprised as you are. Guitar Hero has built itself up to be one of the most successful rhythm game franchises of all time, but we were all naturally concerned about its translation to the small screen of cell phones.

Well, while we anxiously await the launch of Guitar Hero III on our home consoles (coming this Monday), Jessica Dolcourt of Crave tells us that the mobile phone game of the same name “is the real thing, deputized by Activision.” Obviously, it’s not quite as heavy, boasting just two characters, four guitars, and 15 songs, but subscription holders get three more songs every month.

Also, instead of the five buttons you get on the console versions of Guitar Hero, the mobile version only has three. Jessica says the game “has a lot going for it — easy fretting, satisfying animation, and killer sound quality.” Wow, really? We’ll have to find out for ourselves when Guitar Hero Mobile hits Verizon Wireless in December 2007. More networks on the BREW platform will follow after that, followed up by J2ME phones.