Boomerang GPS System Subsidized by Advertising

Boomerang GPS System Subsidized by Advertising


For some people, investing in a GPS navigation device is still too pricey a proposition. adNav is helping to alleviate some of that cost, because their Boomerang GPS will be supported by advertisements. Instead of getting the raw information that’ll direct you to your uncle’s chalet, you’ll also get bombarded with ads.

There’s no saying how intrusive these ads may be. On the one hand, they could be the equivalent of Google Adsense on websites, shying off into the sidebar or header, for example. On the other hand, they could be like those nasty pop-up flash animations that jump all over you before you actually get at what you need.

Key specs include WiFi connectivity, language translator, games, calculator, a currency exchange tool, and live weather information. More likely than not, adNav is targeting their Boomerang GPS system not necessarily for purchase, but rather in a “rent mode” for use through hotels and car rental services.