The Definitive Source for iPhone Customization

The Definitive Source for iPhone Customization


For some people, it was exciting enough to get their hands on an Apple iPhone. They were perfectly happy enjoying the beauty of CoverFlow, the multi-touch interface, and the gorgeous chrome bezel. For others, however, the iPhone served as opportunity to get out their hacking and modding tools to recreate the device to their liking.

Up until now, iPhone goodies have been randomly interspersed throughout the Internet. It can be terribly confusing, and that’s why VirtualHosting has come up with a definitive list of 100 applications, tools, and guides for the iPhone. It would have been nice if it was just 100 applications, but there are only 42 applications found within. You’ll get stuff like iFlickr for photo uploads, Solitaire for distraction purposes, and NFL Schedule for… you can probably figure that out.

Rounding out the rest of the 100 goodies are tools like TruPhone for VoIP and guides to “do cool and useful things with the iPhone.” Check out the entire list at