SanDisk Sues Just About Everyone for Patent Infringement

SanDisk Sues Just About Everyone for Patent Infringement


While everyone recognizes that SanDisk is the biggest dog in the USB flash drive yard, we didn’t know that it is one of the most aggressive too. SanDisk is apparently suing 25 companies “for infringement of five key USB drive patents.” Pretty much all the big companies are involved, including Kingston, Buffalo, Corsair, Verbatim, PNY, and Memorex.

The official press release reads:

The actions, filed in the United States District Court in the Western District of Wisconsin and in the United States International Trade Commission (“ITC”), allege that the defendants have infringed various SanDisk system-level patents, and seek damages and a permanent injunction in the federal court actions, as well as a permanent exclusion order from the ITC banning importation of the products into the United States.

Wow, so they’re trying to stop the products from even entering the United States in the first place? It’s not enough that SanDisk already has the biggest market share, because they feel that everyone is copying what they’re doing. The press release continues:

Our goal is to resolve these matters by offering the defendants the opportunity to participate in our patent licensing program for card and system technology. Otherwise, we will aggressively pursue these actions, seeking a prompt judicial resolution awarding damages, obtaining injunctive relief and banning importation of infringing product.

Coles Notes version? “If you want to use my patent, you’ve got to pay me.”