OLPC Delayed Again Due to “Last Minute Bugs”

OLPC Delayed Again Due to “Last Minute Bugs”


Considering the ultra green, almost frog-like appearance of the OLPC, you would think that bugs wouldn’t be a problem. Well, they are and they’re causing the OLPC to be delayed again. If you’re hanging out in a third-world country, anxiously awaiting the day that you’ll get to fiddle with the $100 laptop, your wait just got a little (or a lot) longer.

No specifics have been released, other than the fact that the delay is due to “manufacturing issues” at the site in China. A series of “last minute bugs” have created some sort of production backup and thus, the Chinese firm is unable to deliver the el cheapo computers on the date that they promised: November 12th.

After ironing out the kinks and squashing those bugs, the manufacturer is now predicting a public launch some time in December.