Nissan to Sell Cars in United States for $3,000

Nissan to Sell Cars in United States for $3,000


Although there are several new cars that you can consider in the $10,000 range, Nissan thinks that they can go even cheaper. In fact, they’re thinking of bringing an econobox that would have a starting sticker price of just $3,000. This budget-mobile would likely be a variant of the $2,500 car that Nissan is planning for India in 2010.

Other than the United States, Nissan is also thinking about sending this el cheapo vehicle to countries like Canada, Europe, and even their home nation of Japan. The unnamed car, however, would not actually be manufactured in Japan, nor would it be made by Nissan. Instead, it would be built by Bajaj Auto Ltd. of India, a motorcycle maker.

Naturally, “you need a frugal mind” to even consider buying a $3,000 car. It’ll still have all the standard safety features, but I’d imagine that it would come up short in creature comforts.