Debit Card With Built-In Numpad For Extra Security

Debit Card With Built-In Numpad For Extra Security


There have been several innovations that have been designed to protect you from theft. With Mastercard, we’ve seen the proliferation of PayPass, a technology made so that the merchant never actually touches your credit card. What about debit cards? Are PINs not enough?

Well, Innovative Card Technologies and eMue Technologies have jointed developed an ATM card that boasts an integrated numeric keypad. This way, you can enter your PIN on the card itself, rather than risk the possibility of entering your secret code into a compromised machine.

One potential application is that a “user could enter their PIN number into the card and be provided with a one-time use numeric passcode. To authorize a transaction that passcode would then be entered into a device where it would be validated through an authentication server, allowing the transaction to be completed.”