Canadians Can Buy Movie Tickets From Cell Phones

Canadians Can Buy Movie Tickets From Cell Phones


You’re all excited about watching that movie Friday night, but when you arrive at the movie theatre, you discover a lineup that wraps around the block. Not good. To make your movie-going experience just a little easier, Bell Mobility has partnered up with Cineplex theatres to provide you with Mobile Movie Ticketing.

Instead of having to line up like the rest of the lemmings, you simply text the word “tickets” to JUMP (5867) on your Bell Mobility phone. You will then receive a web alert with a link to the purchase page. You select the show, the showtime, and the location, and then you’ll receive a “mobile ticket” in the form of a bar code image. When you show up at the Cineplex, you waltz over to the scanning kiosk to receive physical tickets. Charges show up on your mobile phone bill.

This may sound like an interesting idea until a giant line forms in front of the “scanning kiosk.” Or worse yet, if the scanning kiosk is also a regular ticket booth. The official page is drawing a blank right now, so I guess they’re updating.