Molson Pulls Canadian iPhone From Contest Page

Molson Pulls Canadian iPhone From Contest Page


Earlier today, we reported that Molson was advertising a Canadian iPhone on a certain contest webpage. It was all in French, but the idea was that the beermaker would give away an Apple iPhone to some lucky winner in January 2008. Well, either Apple or Rogers got to the people at Molson, because they have now removed the iPhone from the contest page. This doesn’t necessary squash the rumors of the iPhone coming to Rogers Wireless, but it doesn’t support those rumors either.

When asked about the deletion, a Molson representative said that the iPhone offered in the contest wasn’t from Rogers Wireless, but was an iPhone purchased in the United States that would “operate in Canada.” I guess Molson has some unlocking gurus on their payroll. It might have been easier if they just bought the French iPhone, seeing how the contest is in French anyways.

That still doesn’t explain the $800 “value” of the prize, though, considering that an iPhone in the States costs $399. Molson is saying that an unlocked iPhone is worth twice as much?