Hands-On Video with AT&T Samsung BlackJack II

Hands-On Video with AT&T Samsung BlackJack II


When the first Samsung BlackJack hit the scene, many pundits said that it was little more than a Motorola Q clone and while it was slim and sexy, it wasn’t without its issues. Fast forward to today and we find ourselves fondling the all new Samsung BlackJack 2, available from AT&T. In the hands-on video which you can view below, you can see some of the key upgrades that the BlackJack II has over its predecessor.

For example, the QWERTY keyboard is supposed to be much improved, making it easier for you to blast out those emails and edit those Word documents while on the road. The navigational controls are said to be better as well with what appears to be a touch-sensitive jog dial. Around the back, you’ll find a battery pack that is bigger than the one found on the first BlackJack too.

Interestingly, despite being a slightly larger unit, the second-generation BlackJack “looks a bit sleeker.”