Facebook Application Runs Natively on BlackBerry OS

Facebook Application Runs Natively on BlackBerry OS


While firms like Helio are catering to the younger demographic, offering MySpace Mobile on all of their cell phones, owners of BlackBerry devices by RIM are decidedly older and more mature. Facebook, in some ways, is also much more mature than MySpace, because it is catering to and older audience. I guess it only makes sense that Facebook would then partner up with Research in Motion to provide BlackBerry users with a native Facebook application.

Using this program on your favorite Berry, you can access most of the core features found on the popular Facebook social networking site. You may not be able to run some of those custom applications, but you can receive notifications and messages automatically, thanks to BlackBerry’s push-based architecture. Other fun things you can do include changing your status, uploading photos, adding friends, writing on walls, viewing the status of friends, and reply to messages even while offline.

Sounds pretty cool. Given the addictive nature of Facebook and of the CrackBerry, we could be in for the granddaddy of mobile addictions.