Children’s GPS Tracker Jacket for Concerned Parents

Children’s GPS Tracker Jacket for Concerned Parents


It’s for their safety, you know. The world isn’t quite as safe as it once was and that’s why so many concerned parents have started to invest in various devices to keep their kids safe. Most children will not want to wear an ugly GPS tracker watch, but a discrete GPS tracker hidden within their winter jacket might go over a little better.

Bladerunner has come up with a rather compact device that “fits neatly into a pouch inside the jacket.” Once activated, the GPS tracker continually sends out a signal, telling you where your child is within four square meters. This information can then be retrieved either through your computer or with updates via your BlackBerry or cell phone inbox. Information is updated every 10 seconds.

Sounds like an interesting idea, but what if little Timmy gets a little warm, ditching his coat on the playground as he runs across the street to the mall. What then? Also bear in mind that parental paranoia comes at a price: the GPS tracker jacket costs £250.