Video: Reviewing the Nokia N81 8GB Slider Phone

Video: Reviewing the Nokia N81 8GB Slider Phone


Wondering whether you should engage into the new generation of N-Gage gaming with Nokia? Well, check out this video review of the Nokia N81, 8GB Edition courtesy of the cool chicks at Shiny Shiny.

The multimedia and gaming-centric handset started shipping yesterday, but the gals got their hands on a pre-production model and overall, they seem reasonably pleased with the design and execution. The slider mechanism on the Nokia N81 appears to be spring-assisted and the display looks pretty awesome. Playing games in landscape mode also appears to be quite fun.

On the downside, they were not fans of the touch sensitive controls because they weren’t all that responsive. This may be a minor issue with the pre-production model only, so we’ll have to wait for an official review of a production version before the verdict becomes final. Look for the Nokia N81 from O2 and Vodafone in the UK this month.