Sharp Mobile LCD Measures Just 0.68mm Thick

Sharp Mobile LCD Measures Just 0.68mm Thick


When talk of the world’s thinnest cell phone comes up, we usually hear something from the guys at Samsung. Not today, however, because it is Sharp who has produced the world’s thinnest LCD for mobile phones. The display unit measures 2.2-inches across the diagonal, but when you check out its profile, you discover that the super-thin LCD is a mere 0.68mm thick. We’re talking skinner than a potato chip here.

Based on propriety Sharp fabrication techniques, the new Sharp Mobile Advanced Super View LCD makes use of a glass substrate and Sharp’s innovative backlight technologies. Despite being thin in the waist, the LCD still offers a contrast ratio of 2000:1, a viewing angle of 176 degrees, and a response time of 8ms, putting it among the top in the industry.

The most likely implementation of these LCD displays will probably be in a series of cell phones, but they may also be integrated into other portable devices like digital cameras and One-Seg mobile TV handhelds.