Palm Looks to Garmin for Next GPS Navigator

Palm Looks to Garmin for Next GPS Navigator


To develop a new Palm GPS Navigator, the Treo maker has inked a deal with Garmin, effectively ousting TomTom, their previous partner in the navigating enterprise. If you’re rocking one of Palm’s handheld computers — like the Treo and the Centro — you can now “enjoy access to over 6 million points of interest and turn-by-turn voice prompted directions.” This all comes courtesy of the Garmin Mobile XT software.

What’s more, Treo and Centro owners are also granted access to Garmin Online, opening up the source of information like traffic updates, fuel and hotel prices, and weather forecasts. No need to pay any sort of fees for that data either, because access to Garmin Online is 100% free.

The Garmin version of the Palm GPS Navigator is scheduled to hit the streets next month with an asking price of $249.